Jon Irving is an emerging Brooklyn-based artist, whose work has been described as “skirting the line between cynicism and hope,” follows the exploits of an alter ego – The Superior Model – who is part cartographer, stranger, poet, and clown. Through interactions with his alter ego, Jon seeks to find understanding in the capabilities and limitations of his own humanity, while revisiting significant moments and anecdotes throughout his life as both the insider and the outsider. By utilizing self-modeled photos, traditional printmaking techniques, CAD drawings and cut paper, Jon crafts a universe where he and the Superior Model are in constant contact with each other. The resulting body of work, which encompasses two-dimensional prints, live performance and written works, offers a narrative that takes place in multiple realities, embraces the absurd, and exists in a bittersweet reverie.


Jon Irving
707 Beverly Rd. Apt. 4F
Brooklyn, NY 11218